U-Pick Peaches


Peach Season

We planted our first Peach trees here at our family orchard in 2001. We have expanded since then to more than 11 acres of Peach trees. We have several different varieties of peaches available; including yellow and white peaches. Our peaches are all Freestone varieties.  
Peaches are typically ready for picking July through August. 

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Peach U-Pick Pricing

 2019 U-Pick Peaches are $2.99 per pound.  

Admission & Hours

A field access pass is required to enter our picking areas. 

This pass will allow you to enjoy tractor pulled wagon rides to our picking fields, use of our children’s play area and the chance to sit in our shaded area and relax while enjoying the farm fresh air in our 1800s homestead area.  For more information please visit our Admission & Hours page. 

Farm Market

During Peach Season we have pre-picked Peaches and other homegrown produce for sale. Check out our available market items on our Farm Market page.  

How to Pick & Store Peaches

 A ripe peach will have put on some color and, most importantly, it will no longer have any green undertones. If a peach still has a greenish hint to its skin color, leave it on the tree for a few more days to ripen. If it is picked green, a peach will have a “green” taste to it and it will not be as sweet. Green peaches are not ideal for fresh-eating, but may be worth considering for pickling. 

Ripe Peaches need to be used within about 2 days. Our pre-picked Peaches are refrigerated to preserve freshness. 

Peaches SHOULD be refrigerated when you get them home. 

If you cannot do this, to maintain quality, you should lay the ripe peaches in a single layer, not touching each other, on a flat surface in an air-conditioned room. 

Use the ripest peaches first as they do not all ripen at the same speed. IF you leave stacked peaches in a lug box and they are not refrigerated, we cannot guarantee that they will remain good for more than 12 hours. 

Freezing Peaches

  •  Peeling a bushel of peaches goes a lot faster with a boiling water dip. Dip peaches a few at a time into boiling water for 30 to 60 seconds. Transfer the peaches immediately into ice water.
  • The skins should slip off easily. Cut the peaches in half and remove the pit. Slice them into the size you like and treat them to prevent browning. The recommended way to do this is the put the sliced fruit into a water and vitamin C solution prepared at a ratio of six crushed 500 mg. vitamin C tablets to one gallon of water. You may also find the vitamin C packaged as ascorbic acid.
  • When all the peaches have been peeled and treated, drain the water and sprinkle on a half cup of sugar for each quart of peaches. Stir gently and let the fruit stand for 15 minutes. The peaches will begin to make their own juice.
  • Pack the peaches into freezer bags to within three to four inches of the top. Squeeze out the air, seal, label and freeze. You may also use rigid plastic containers. Leave about an inch of headspace before freezing.
  • When thawed, the peaches will have a softer texture than when they were fresh, but they will still taste better than canned peaches or the imported fresh peaches you may find at your supermarket.